Thursday, 14 May 2009

3 days to go

Not much longer now before I start my walk. Boy are things frantic at home. Tomorrow I start my car journey up to Scotland where I will continue to leave food and maps for key legs of my walk. My wife will then fly up to be with me for the start to make sure everything is balanced, and iron out any unforeseen problems. After which, she'll leave and drive the car home. She will then act as my Internet guru as she manipulates my words into text that is understandable and interesting. I kind of have a matter of fact approach to life and could do with adding a little humour.

I've done a final reshuffle and I'm going to try to fit all my kit into just one snapsack instead of two and hopefully this will not prove too heavy for one shoulder. I've received a shoulder bag from Karl Robinson and that will act as my counter balance... of a sort. Anyway next blog will hopefully be by mobile means.

Thanks for everyones support so far. Press releases have gone out but as yet no definite media coverage. My running total currently stands at £6146. Let's hope for bigger and better things over the next few weeks.