Friday, 24 July 2009

Day 69 - Lands End 1.jpg

Well my friends, my walk is finally reached it end. But don't stop viewing because there will still be Kelmarsh photos to come.

Paula found me 2 miles from my destination and Thomas took the opportunity to walk the final stretch just as he did when I set out back on the 17 May.

With Thomas in tow I arrived at Lands End as predicted at 1200 on the dot. I was met by friends and family who applauded me as I reached the recognized start/stop point. I then went to the hotel to hand in my paperwork so that I can be credited with doing the walk. After that I made my way to the signpost for an official photo.

My great aunt Ethel (Who at 92 still drives), is a shining example of how to live life, provided Cornish pasties and Paula provided scones and Cornish cream.
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Day 69 - Penzance Harbour 1.jpg

Day 69 (24 July)(1 day to go - ie LAST DAY)
I arrived at Penzance Harbor just before 0800. Today is the last leg of my great big adventure. I'm a little sad about that but I'm also glad because it has been tough going. I hope Paula can cope with my swings in emotions over the next few days as I come down of a high.

I spoke with BFBS again this morning, probably giving my best interview so far.

So its one final push now... As I write this I'm only 6 miles from finishing.
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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Day 68 - St Michaels Mount.jpg

A well known tourist sight... St Michael's Mount. After the radio interview I continued on to Penzance passing by a spot where I was able to get this photo.

I was also met by a member of the press release office of RNAS Culdrose. He took some notes and some photos... especially when I was handed a donation. He was also amazed at how many people were beeping their horns.

I arrived in Penzance at 1645 which allows me a decent amount of time to rest and prepare for my final walk tomorrow to Lands End (10 miles).
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Day 68 - Shaun & Beverley Emmett (radio Cornwall).jpg

Apparently over the past few days people have been ringing into Radio Cornwall stating that they have seen a 17C soldier walking along the A30. This in turn has led to an interested phone in as to what its all about. Well, today I was passed by Shaun and Beverly Emmett who, on seeing me pulled over, they rang Radio Cornwall and then stopped me so that I could inform all the listeners as to what I'm doing. Well, I thought I was getting a lot of waves and horn beeps before, afterwards nearly every other vehicle said hello. Thank you Shaun and Beverley and thank you Radio Cornwall.
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Day 68 - Redruth Tin Mines.jpg

Day 68 (23 July) (2 days to go)
Today's photo is of a well know type of Cornish landmark, the chimneys of the tin mines.

Having made Redruth last night I'm really starting to buzz at the prospect of finishing in time for Kelmarsh. Colin dropped me off again at 0830 by the main roundabout North of Redruth on the A30. There I was again plodding along, alone on a busy dual carriage-way. It was only a matter of time before the police came and said hello.

Apparently someone had rung the police and informed them that there was a 17C soldier walking along the A30. So out of curiosity a police car dropped by to see what it was all about. He informed me that I was quite alright, as I was walking on the correct into the flow of traffic, and he should a genuine interest in what I am attempting to do. Apparently its not only the police who have been talking about me...(see the next blog)
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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Day 67 - Newlyn Downs Wind Farm.jpg

Ok it is not the best of pictures but I can certainly see why there ate wind farms here. My flag ripped from its tethers today and needed a lunch time mend. The weather also held for the entire day...cloudy and windy but no rain, hurrah.

I made it to Redruth for 1645 and this evening have been catching up on blogs and my personal diary. Its also nice to let my feet have a semi-decent rest. I'm glad I pushed the first few days this week to 20+ because tomorrow is just 17.5 and Friday 9.1 miles. No... I'm not walking to Kelmarsh.
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Day 67 - Indian Queens.jpg

Day 67 (22 July) (3 days to go)
Colin dropped me off this morning at Indian Queens Industrial Estate at 0845. My entire walk today is along the A30 where I hope to make it to Redruth. How's the weather I hear you ask... cloudy and very windy but at least it is dry. I'm wearing the oil cloth coat to help cut out the chill in the wind. Tomorrow Penzance and Friday 1200 Lands End.

Don't forget... Kelmarsh this weekend, and there's still time to donate so please tell everyone to have a look at the blog and better still the justgiving site
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TV interview


Malcolm's been on TV. Goto BFBS TV; Watch Reports; Pikeman - to see the interview.

This was set up by a long-term friend of ours - thanks Karim (seen above) - from our days in the 'Lion Rampant'. {And you thought I was mad for walking end to end! As you can see I come from a long tradition of barmy people.}

The quality of the BFBS video footage is far better than anything we can produce on our home cine camera, so is worth watching. (Better edited too.)

Posted by Paula, back at HQ

Day 66 - Armour Tear.jpg

I made it to Indian Queens at 1730, where I met up with some family members. During which I noticed another potential disaster, a tear in the other leather shoulder strap to my armour. So tomorrow I will go out without the back and breast in the hope that it will at least last the final Friday as I come in to Lands End.

Thank you for all the positive comments being left on the blogs, they are a real boost.
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Day 66 - A30 to Indian Queens (RAIN).jpg

No sooner had I said goodbye to Colin than the heavens opened. Within a mile of walking I had enough water squelching around in my boots to make a cup of tea with. As I battled with the rain, wind and the drivers on the A30, I found myself on numerous occasions bracing against a wall of water and shouting out "Is that the best you can do" or "Bring it on". Funny how even though the weather is against me my spirit is quite high... the end is in sight after all.
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Day 66 - Jamaica Inn.jpg

Day 66 (21 July) (4 days to go)
Last night I discovered that the trunk of my body is blistering where the wet clothes rub against the back and breast. As you can see from the photo its another wet day so today I'm walking without it in the hopes that my body might recover a bit.

I'm walking to Bodmin for lunch then through to Indian Queens where hopefully I will meet up with some family.
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Monday, 20 July 2009

Day 65 - Jamaica Inn 2.jpg

Days like today just can't get any better than this photo. I'm at a pub, I've met up with friends and there's an anchor here... magic... now, where's my pint.

The A30 has proved rather easy going. Having a storm drain siding has allowed me to keep an eye on the traffic and walk continuously instead of pausing every so often to let a lorry or bus get passed. I was able to cover 11.7 miles in 3 hours 15 minutes. Not bad for the second half of the day.
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Day 65 - Welcome to Cornwall.jpg

Aaaahhhh Look... Cornwall. I've made to it to my final county... and just in time for lunch.
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Day 65 - Setting Out from Bidlake.jpg

Day 65 (20 July) (5 days to go)
This morning we had roll call at 0645 in order for me to be on the road by 0830. Today I am hoping to pass into Cornwall and end up at the Jamaica Inn. At least the weather looks like staying dry, fingers crossed.

Today's walk is 23.4 miles. So I needed the early start. The plan is I will meet up with Colin in Lauceston for lunch, then tackle the A30 this afternoon.

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Sunday, 19 July 2009

Day 64 - A30 to Launceston.jpg

Another road picture in case you know the area. This is the road I plan to use tomorrow to get me to the Jamaica Inn after passing through Launceston.

As for today, I stopped for lunch in the Plymouth Inn (Okehampton) then carried on to a small hamlet called Bidlake, about 12 miles from Launceston. All in all I've covered just over my 20 miles for today. By Google Maps I've still got 91 miles to go.

Colin Jefferies, true to his word, caught up with me at 1640 (with a cup of tea ready). So tonight and for the next 4 nights I will be sleeping in a campervan. Plus I have the added advantage now of a support vehicle. This in turn means I can walk without the weight of the snapsack.
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Day 64 - RAIN.jpg

The story of my walking life... Rain. Today it has come in bouts of sometimes heavy downpours and sometimes light drizzle. I find myself more and more trying to hide from the downpours under the nearest tree eating jerked meat provided by Martin Cowley ( and Suzies Fruity Strips. Today was Beef 'n' Perrins and Plum 'n' Apple.

Even with the rain progress has been good and steady and I am still on track to reach Okehampton.
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Day 64 - Gerry Burrows.jpg

Day 64 (19 July)(6 days to go)
Last night I made it as far as Copplestone. That leaves me 111 miles to go. As I approached Copplestone I gave Gerry a phone call and to his word he arrived to collect me just as I sat down to wait.

We opened the collection pot for week nine, with a sum of £263.72. in cash and £30 as a cheque. Adding this to the sum already collected now pushes the total to £11,030.75. Well done everyone. With only 1 week to go let's see if we can make it to £12,000.

After getting over the buzz of passing another mile stone Carol called us to diner... Curried King prawn and salmon. It was delicious and was followed by a fruit salad with cream ahhhhh calories, bring em on.

Many thanks to Gerry and Carol for looking after me. I was going to stop with them for a rest day but as I want to make Kelmarsh next Friday I need to walk again today.
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