Saturday, 1 August 2009

Kelmarsh Hall 25-26 July 2009

Welcome to the Fairfax Battallia, the officers in their yellow buff coats, the musket block, the drummers and fifers, and finally the pikemen.

To join in with the Battalia at this event was why I pushed myself to finish on Friday 24 July. We had an excellent turn out with quite a few new members. Was it worth it? You bet it was. Marching onto the battlefield with the sound of drums and fife floating over the top was just magical. The Battallia was professional, smart and just awesome.
After 69 days of walking and this event - wearing period footwear - I still failed to receive any blisters on my feet.

But it wasn't all military battles. Afterwards the Battallia got together for a BBQ. It was time for us to wind down and relax with good food & drink and excellent company.

Everyone was full of support and passed on words of congratulations. It was all very humbling as it began to dawn on me the true level of support that was behind me, not just within the Battalia but throuthout the English Civil War Society (ECWS). For that I am truly grateful.

After the BBQ came the beer tent, and all the joviality that followed is just a true reflection on the character and spirit of re-enactment. This picture is of a gent dressed as Darth Maul, but there were others, Storm troopers, Super Heroes, Cartoon figures and even Santa on his sliegh giving out Christmas presents.

Howard Giles introduced me to the masses where I explained who I was and what I had just achieved. We took a collection in the beer tent afterwards and raised another £305.85. The next day, as ECWS members left, another collection took place by the Essex Regiment which will be added later.

All-in-All everyone had a stonking great time. So if you like history and feel like joining a re-enactment group, get out there and get involved. If you're not sure who to approach then drop me an email at and I'll see if I can get you in touch with someone that might help.
But the best... well for me anyway was yet to come. On the Sunday just before the final grand parade, I was taken by the Battallia CO to meet JT (Lord General of the Kings Army) who presented me with a pair of 17th century shoes in recognition of my efforts. This was humbling enough and yet when formed up with the Battallia the Lord General of the Roundhead Association presented me with the DUNBAR medal, the highest form of award in the Roundhead Asociation. On both accounts I am deeply grateful and offer my most sincere thanks.

Finally, here's a gentleman (and his lady) I'd like you to meet.

No, NOT Shrek, but the man under the paint job.

He's had a Help for Heroes tattoo done on his leg. His name's Andy Robinson (or Champion to his friends). This is the fourth time I'd run into a H4H fundraiser during my journey and I've realised there are a whole lot more of you out there! :-)

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Day 69 - Celebrations at Lands End

Sorry it's been a while since I last blogged but I've been so fatigued it has taken time to pluck up the energy and motivation to get back on the pc; my body has more or less gone into shut down mode.
This is me enjoying a well earned Cornish pastie with my son Thomas and a drop of the bubbly stuff. The total raised for the week 10 leg of the journey is £283.89 moving me over the £12,000 barrier, so thank you very much.
Tonight I intend to add a further blog giving details of Kelmarsh, then over the next fortnight I will add a couple more blogs where I will give out details such as stats for the journey and lessons learned. So please keep coming back and don't forget the justgiving site remains open for donations until October.