Thursday, 2 July 2009

Day 47 - PC Neil Massey - Saverley Green.jpg

Setting off at 0920 this morning I arrived at Ipstones at 1200. So I've covered yesterdays failing. All I need to do now is todays walk. I managed to reach Draycott in the Moors by 1615 where John caught up with me, bringing milk and food, what a star. John then stayed with me as I pushed on to Stone. It was comforting to know he was there, and he was also giving me stern encouragement to keep going.

I also found myself being stopped by the police again. PC Neil Massey pulled over, interested in what I was doing. He also asked if I had any support vehicle... Just as John drove by... Excellent timing. What was really cool was that Neil arranged for a group of youngsters to offer me some water. Thanks.

O.K. O.K. ..... did I make it? ...

YES. I arrived shattered but jubilant at 1930. John ensured I was booked in and in firmly ensconced in my room before he bade me farewell.

Thank you John and Debbie (The Civil Wardrobe) your help has given me just that boost that I needed.

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Day 47 - Back to Warslow.jpg


Day 47 (2 July)

Last night Debbie worked wonders on my breeches giving them a new lease of life, thanks.

As you can see from the photo I'm back to the pub where I had to stop walking. Today is the day though - clawing back the miles lost to yesterday's heatwave. John has been very supportive and will look after my snapsack, oil cloth coat and morion helmet in order to lighten my load. He has also given me a straw hat to keep the sun off my head. So here goes, let's see what happens.

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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Day 46 - Jim & Pippa of Greyhound Inn - Warslow.jpg

4 miles on from Longnor and you arrive at Warslow. The heat now has become so oppressive that I need to stop again. This time however I'm shaking and feeling dizzy and slightly sick. Jim - who runs the Inn - took one look at me and offered to take me to my pick-up point at Ipstone. Well, I'm sorry to say I accepted because it was just plain stupid to try and continue any further dressed as I was and in this heat.

OK, next dilemma I face is that I'm 8 miles behind schedule. John Litchfield who is looking after me tonight has offered to hold on to the kit (I don't need) to make my walk easier. This means I now have a choice: give in and lose 8 miles, or back-track and regain some honor... Stupid question really. Mind you it does mean my walk tomorrow will be 23 miles. I can but try.

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Day 46 - st bartholomews - Longnor.jpg

When I walked into Longnor I was invited by the staff of 'St Bartholomews' to say hello to the children and explain a little bit about who I am and what I'm doing. Well - never to miss an opportunity - of course I couldn't refuse.

After which I visited the Horseshoe Inn for 2 pints of orange juice and soda and a cheese roll. In today's heat I need as much fluid as possible.

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Day 46 - Buxton Park.jpg

Yesterday was not much fun on the roads. Having said that, during the afternoon it rained and I had two events of note.

1. I was stopped by the police again...she was lovely. She asked me all about the walk and then allowed me to proceed.

2. A cyclist was so engrossed in looking at me he rode his bike onto the wet grass and ended up in a snotty heap on the floor. Don't worry I went to his aid and I'm happy to announce no harm done... except his pride...maybe.

Whilst in Buxton I stayed with Tony and Anne Spence. What a wonderful couple. Tony met me on my way into the town and walked with me a while. They then worked miracles in order to get my clothes dry (wet again). Anne worked tirelessly to give us all a three course meal, which was delicious. We then stayed up chatting until gone midnight. Needless to say I was a little tired this morning. Anne then walked with me to the A515 leading out of Buxton.

Today is a 20 mile hike to a little place called Ipstones.

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Day 45 - Setting Off from Glossop.jpg

Today is Glossop to Buxton and it's roads all the way. My clothes are still wet from yesterday and I have a nice friction rash on my starboard (right) bum... too much info I hear you say... Stop complaining, I'm the one in pain.

The beard is going to have to go. It's just adding to the heat problem.

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Monday, 29 June 2009

Day 44 - 200Ft drop.jpg

This is a shot from the top of Laddow Rocks where I spent most of my time concentrating on not falling of the edge... the footpath runs right along the edge and whilst it might be easy enough in normal hiking gear it was a bit of a challenge in all the kit I'm wearing.

The heat today has been really oppressive, so much so as I had drunk all my water by this stage and still had 6 miles to go. Luckily I found a stream that was fairly clean and was able to restock. It gave me the ability to keep going and feel refreshed.

By the time I got to my rest stop for the night I was shattered and my clothes are contemplating walking on through the night (they are really smelly now).
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Day 44 - Setting Off from Diggle.jpg

Day 44 (29 June)
I'm setting off today across Marston Moor in heavy fog. I was hoping to take a path that would shorten my day by a couple of miles, but with the fog it is just not worth it.

Today will be my last day on the Pennine Way. Which I'm hoping will lead to an easier time of it.
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Day 43 - Paul & Steven.jpg

Met these two guys on the Pennine Way by the Warland Reservoir. Guess what? Another H4H team. They are on day 2 of their Pennine Way walk. Well done lads keep it up.

Paula's chart in the previous blog is a bit of an eye opener. I was kind of hoping I might be further down the country than that... Aah well wishful thinking.
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Progress to day 44 (Glossop)

Missive from HQ - I've been asked to show how Malcolm's progressing.
It doesn't seem possible to me that anybody can WALK all that way, but he has. We're all so very proud of him back home.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Day 43 - Stoodley Monument.jpg

Day 43 (28 June).
Yesterday was my rest day in Hebden Bridge and I was fortunate to be stopping with Steve & Eleni Foster.
It was great to stop again for a day and let my body recharge a little. Mind you I'm finding it harder as each week goes by.

Steve and Eleni boosted my spirits by being very supportive and when it was time to leave Steve and his brother Mick came along with me for the first stage of todays walk. It was a steep up hill climb for the majority of the walk to Stoodley Monument, but having someone to talk to was great. Thanks.
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Day 41 - Eddie Cullen.jpg

Last night Eddie and I went down to The Hare & Hound in Lothersdale for the quiz night. Eddie was great and went round with my morion helmet asking for donations to the H4H cause. He managed to raise £108 which was placed in the collection pot. Thank you Eddie for putting me up and helping raise money... You are a star.
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Day 40 - Sebastian Fattorini - Skipton Castle.jpg

Day 40 (25 June). This morning Eddie dropped me off at Kirkby Malham at 0800 so that I might make it to Skipton by 1200. It worked, I was met by Sebastian and we talked in depth about Skipton Castle's history. There was a little banter about me being a parliamentary soldier seeking entry into the strongest royalist castle, but all in good humour.

I gave a brief interview to the Craven Herald, local paper, and posed for numerous photos. I also spent some time walking round the castle and talking with tourists and school parties.

Sebastian was kind enough to provide me with lunch. All in all a wonderful visit to an exceptional castle.
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