Saturday, 27 June 2009

Day 39 - Malham Lings.jpg

Malham Lings is spectacular as you can see huge granite formations on all the hills and they seem to pour up from the grass in the fields like bubbling lava.
Or maybe not quite like that, but it is spectacular.

After this photo I walked down into Malham and through to Kirkby Malham where Eddie Cullen met me and the landlord of a pub there treated us to a free beer. Maybe there is something in this walking for charity lark.
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Day 39 - John Manning outside Broad Croft B&B.jpg

Last night I stopped at the Broad Croft B&B in Horton-in-Ribblesdale. The accommodation was first class and with a pub that serves evening meals only 100 yds away... Perfect for someone like me with a shattered body.

Cynthia the owner of the B&B introduced me John Manning, a freelance journalist, this morning. He interviewed me and then he took some photos. Ideally he would have liked me to walk the Pennine Way today, but to tell the truth it was out of my way and I'm starting to pick the easier routes over the more scenic ones.

Broad Croft House
Horton-in-Ribblesdale, Settle, N.York. BD24 0EX
Tel. 01729 860302.
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Day 38 - Looking back towards Hawes from Ten End.jpg

Just enjoy the view. This whole walk so far has shown me how awesome the British landscape is.

Getting up to the top of this hill was a bit of a nightmare, rocks and rubble for a path doesn't make for easy walking especially when it's up hill.

I spoke with BFBS today and was asked how I was finding the sunshine. Unfortunately I had to point out that yet again it was raining where I was. That's the difference between North and South.

When I reached my destination (Broad Croft B&B) the proprioter was ever so kind to dry out my clothes in the boiler room.

The pins and needles sensation in my left toe is also starting to give me some concern. As is the pain on the back of my right heel. Must soldier on though.
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Day 38 - Cockett's Hotel - Hawes.jpg

Yesterday felt like groundhog day again. I'm beginning to feel the strain of doing the same thing day after day.
In fact so much so that I decided I was going to have a few beers last night in the hope that it will chill me out.
Hawes is a lovely picture postcard market town, with 4 pubs and I should know, I had a drink or two in all of them.

During breakfast I had a fantastic response from the other guests when I told them what I was doing.

Today I'm heading out for Horton-in-Ribblesdale.

Cockett's Hotel & Restaurant
Market Place, Hawes, N.Yorks. DL8 3RD
Tel. 01969 667312
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Day 37 - Butter Tubs.jpg

On my way to Hawes (heart of Wensledale cheese country) I passed the Butter Tubs. They are huge holes in the ground, certainly not one that you want to fall done. This particular one was fenced off but some of the smaller ones are not, so if you go visiting keep your kids on a lead.
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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Day 37 - Jan Walker - Setting out from Keld.jpg

Last night I stayed with Jan Walker who, other than a mutual friend in Ali Clayton, I don't have any association with. She volunteered to accommodate me nonetheless. I was also introduced to the craze of Geocaching, where Tupperware pots are placed around the countryside for people to find. Fantastic idea especially for getting young children out and exercising. See for more explanation.

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Day 36 - View towards Stonesdale.jpg

See, a nice gentle slope downhill. Notice the views, it is lovely up here!

I find myself looking at the barns and thinking how easily this could be a rural community, but it isn't - they're just barns and are for the over-wintering of livestock during harsh winters.

(Can't help myself - I love the idea of renovating an old building ... to live in. Or just living out in the countryside.)

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Day 36 - Tan Hill Inn 2.jpg

Here I am minding my own business, walking in the hills and what do I stumble across? Only the highest Inn in Britain at 1732ft above sea level, The Tan Hill Inn. Naturally, I felt obliged to stop for a couple of jars ('obliged'-huh, don't believe it), besides I only have 4 1/2 miles to Keld which is my destination for the day AND it's all down hill.

So far this adventure has brought me:

* the most northerly mainland point in Britain

* the most northerly mainland town in Britain

* almost - the most N-E point on mainland Britain (well, my son went there at least)

* the center of Britain -> Haltwhistle

* the highest pub in Britain

I wonder where the lowest pub in britain is? Perhaps I could drop by?.....nah, maybe not!

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Media Breakthrough

The problem with issuing press releases is that I very rarely get to know whether anyone has taken it up. So far I know of success with the John O'Groat Journal , BFBS radio (British Forces) and now The Northern Echo. If you want to see a decent (eg, not via a mobile phone) and recent photo of me take a look at:

My freinds will be able to testify as to how much weight I've lost. (My wife says I look younger!)

Yours in the cause...

Monday, 22 June 2009

Day 36 - John, Leslie, Steven Thurston of Rosa Mundi.jpg

Yesterday was my rest day and the half way point of my great big adventure. I spent the day getting fresh supplies and mending kit. I also opened the collection pot for the fifth time, with the sum of £191.50 being donated, thank you.

John took me into Darlington in the morning where I posted home old maps and was able to purchase new socks and a new map case as both original items are now thread bare and split.

I received a fathers day card from Thomas, "Thank you son". In it was some linen tape, so I was able to mend my flag.

Leslie very kindly sewed a patch over the ripped soldier coat so that it might last the next 5 weeks, a very big thank you.

In the evening I was introduced to Ian and Carol, also of the re-enactment group 'Rosa Mundi' and we all went to the local pub for an evening meal.

So having spent a wonderful Saturday relaxing I now feel rejuvenated for the next 6 days slog.

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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Day 34 - Howard Wilson EH Barnard Castle.jpg

Done it. End of the 5th walking week. I've made to the half way point...Barnard Castle. I'm here with Howard Wilson, the custodian of the castle and who has worked here for 28 years.

I have always planned to visit Barnard Castle as it holds fond memories of an medieval event I took part in here with the Lion Rampant many years ago, an event that the Yorkshire side of my family came and watched.

I was also met by a photographer from the Northern Echo, who took loads of shots.

After that I found the nearest pub and waited for John Thurston to come and collect me... which was 4 pints later... well I was thirsty.

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