Thursday, 12 February 2009

Welcome to 'The Charity Pikeman'

Let me introduce myself. My name is Malcolm Cray and I am due to retire from the Royal Navy in May 09. I have always been amazed at the dedication to duty shown by the British Military, especially their ability to experience hardship with minimal fuss and great stoicism. I now have an opportunity to help some of those service personnel who need medical support - by raising as much money as I can for 'Help for Heroes'. It is my intention to walk from John O'Groats to Lands End wearing the armour of a 17th century pikeman - a journey that should take 71 days give or take a blister or two.

Please return to this blog on a regular basis to catch up on my progress. Between now and May I will add comments as to how preparations are coming along, and during the walk, my wife will update the blog with photos and comments I pass to her.

Why the pikeman's attire? - this was obtained about twelve years ago when I joined the English Civil War Society. If you notice me on the street as I pass through your town - then it has done its job.

Being a quest for the raising of funds, I am in need of sponsors who can assist in the venture, either by monetary means or through the offer of free accommodation. We have conducted a costing exercise and believe this venture will cost me around £8000. Initially I was hoping to raise £5000 however, as you can see this does not make for a strong business case. So I need to drive down my costs whilst increasing the revenue to make my walk a success for Help for Heroes. If you can help in any way please contact me at or donate at .


  1. This is a hardy venture and one that is not for the faint hearted. I wish you the very best of success for such a worthwhile cause.

  2. Malcolm - have you got your route planned? If you need places to stay we need to know where you're going to be...

  3. This weekend saw me break past the first £1000 barrier. Having raised £227.58 at The International Living History Fair, and a further £382.16 at the Tri-service Military Police School, my total so far now stands at £1566.28. Please keep those donations coming.

  4. Hi

    I saw the Help for Heroes stall at Wimpole Hall on Saturday. I also left details of my event, King Harold Day, a medieval festival at Waltham Abbey, which is on Saturday 17th October.
    I know it will be after your walk, but if you/Help for Heroes would like to come along, I would be very pleased to make space for you, free of charge of course.
    It would be nice if you could be in costume as we like people to fit in with our theme as far as possible. Our period is 11th century, and you are much later, but that does not matter.

    Best wishes for the walk

    Tricia Gurnett
    King Harold Day

  5. When you get near Eccleshall let me know, there is a bed here for you.

  6. Hi, saw you climbing up the gruelling Chunal hill coming out of Glossop, (stopped the land rover to give donation), Scorching hot day and you looked so hot. Hope you had luck raising money in Buxton.
    Take care and good luck with your very worthy cause. Sue Alan and Joel x