Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Day 15 - West Highland Way Lairigmor ladies 1.jpg

More friendly faces and a bundle of laughs to boot. Every time I meet people who are supportive of my efforts it gives me that little nudge to keep going... Thank you.
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  1. Hi there Hero!

    Try downloading Google Maps (mobile/blackberry) and also sign up for Google Lattitude:


    With GMs, you can always locate yourself: within GM you can sign up for Lattitude, which places a marker on Google Maps for everyone to see where you are in real time during the walk.

    BE CAREFUL about battery useage if you do this: only turn on triangulation, *not* GPS, for location. This is less accurate, but it saves power. If you do this, I will publicise your Lattitude membership on Fairfax and other sites for people to track: plus your family members will be able to see where you are all the time (or last known position).

    Hope things are going OK, I am rooting for you big time at the moment! Hope I'll be able to march with you when you are a bit further South in a couple of weeks. Chin up!