Sunday, 7 June 2009

Day 20 - Kirkhouse Inn - Strathblane.jpg

I have been giving serious thought to the weight issue today and my conclusion is that I need to shed as much weight as possible. Which means I shall send home the tent supplied by Terra Nova, my sleeping bag, cooking gear, gaiters, gloves, trowel, clothes pegs and a few smaller items.

I would like to thank Terra Nova for the loan of the Laserlarge tent, which proved quick and easy to pitch and is extremely lightweight, It also dry's very quickly. On the inside you can easily fit two six foot people.

Unfortunately the rest of my kit is my downfall on camping. I can't sustain carrying 80lb in slung loads. My walk also needs to be fun and if I'm struggling then something needs to give before I quit.

(Kirkhouse Inn - Strathblane - Glasgow - G63 9AA - Tel. 01360 771711 -

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