Wednesday, 20 May 2009

St Clare Hall - Nybster.jpg

Discovered this memorial at St Clare Hall (Nybster). It is dedicated to the sailors who lost their lives at the Battle of Jutland. There is another memorial of a soldier which is dedicated to those who lost their lives during the First World war.

Whilst I was at St Clare Hall a photographer claiming to be from 'The Post' turned up. He took a few photos and then asked if he could take some at Keiss Castle. It was only a mile away so I said "o.k." When the photos were done he offered me a drink in the local pub at Weiss, however it looked like there was a wake going on so we decided not to stop. Instead he pulled over and let me out to continue my walk (1.5 miles futher on than I had stopped walking). In a way I feel as though I have cheated on walking 1.5 miles but considering JOGLE is 876 and I am walking 1042 I feel that it won't matter too much. But I have learnt from this experience and will be more careful in future.

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