Monday, 13 July 2009

Day 57 - Rob Schofield & Simon Frame.jpg

Day 57 (12 July)
Today I am setting out from Dursley with two companions, Rob & Simon, as I progress to Chipping Sodbury.

My stay with Esmé and Colin was extremely relaxing and I feel more at ease with the idea of tackling the final 13 days. Thank you.

Before I forget the total in week 8 money pot was £262.22 raising the total so far to £10,525.03. Well done everyone, but the walk is not over yet so please keep on at work colleagues and family and let's raise that total even higher... Thank you.
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  1. What a great day out! A pleasure to have such good company on the way.

    There's nothing wrong with Malcolm's fitness, believe me: he's "Stormin' Norman" from now on after showing the wheezy old farts a clean pair of heels after lunch.

    Lots of sunshine, barely any rain (we broke his curse), ice-cream, beer and a roast lunch on the way. I'm surprised that I'm not as stiff as I expected today, but I am definitely paying the price!

    GO, Malcolm! See you at Kelmarsh in two weeks, power to your elbow!