Friday, 17 July 2009

Day 62 - East Mere.jpg

I spoke with BFBS again today and recorded an off air interview. Hopefully the troops will get the message that everyone I have met so far have been fully supportive. Keep up the good work.

Given the nature of the weather I decided to just walk for as long as I could. Progress has therefore been great. I managed to reach Uplowman by 1245 leaving just 4 miles to go for the day.

I was also fortunate to be met by Chris Petticrew just before Uplowman who offered to take my snapsack and lighten my load. Rude not to accept really. Mind you it may have effected my map reading skills as I came across this sign.

That said, today's walk was complete by 1510 and all I have to do now is mend my kit. The soldiers coat is starting to shred.
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