Tuesday, 14 July 2009

End Date


Well, I'm now letting myself get excited at the prospect of Malcolm finishing the walk, and on time to boot. (The stinking cold he picked up last week really left me doubting whether he'd be capable of going out walking each day.)

The plan for Lands End is as follows: He's aiming to arrive at around midday on Friday 24th July. Sometime that week (possibly at Lands End) he'll be meeting up with his Cornish (Newquay) relatives. {Something to look forward to.} Thomas and I will be joining him also.
If anyone would like to meet him there, or walk the final stretch, please comment on this blog entry, or just turn up.

After a little immediate celebration Malcolm'll be heading up to Kelmarsh Hall, Northamptonshire, for English Heritage's 'Festival of History' - AND MORE CELEBRATING! Then rest, aaahhh gentle reesssttt. Oooohhh.

Again, for those who live more 'up country' Malcolm will be round and about at Kelmarsh. {He's the REALLY shabby looking one!} If you'd like to run into him there, come and attend the event.

P.S. If anyone wants to invite Malcolm out for a walk in the near future - I think the answer might be, "NO!"


  1. just remind Malcolm to stop.....

    After walking LE-JOG my Dad decided to do it by Bike. he got to JoG and then turned round and rode back home to the south coast (Although I think he'd failed to book a train ticket far enough in advance and didn't want to pay the full fare)

  2. Paula / Malcolm can you send me your route through Devon and Cornwall? I am on leave from Friday and would like to meet up at some point.

    Mac Mcveigh