Wednesday, 17 June 2009

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Arrived here last night at 17:40, got a shower and placed my soldiers coat and trousers outside. Unfortunately it thumped it down and now my kit is soaked. Well, learned a valuable lesson there, don't trust the weather to do what you want.

Because Byrness is a little isolated from restaurants I had an evening meal at the B&B which was cool because I didn't feel like going out. When I came downstairs to eat I met a couple who were so engrossed in each others company they'd forgotten to keep an eye on their fuel gage. So here they were marooned hoping on the good nature of my host to give them a lift to the nearest open garage... 15 miles away. It made me smile.

Anyway, I set out today a little late (0950), weather forecast is... You guessed it... Rain!

The Byrness

Byrness Village, Nr Otterburn, Northumberland, NE19 1TR

Tel. 01830 525231

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