Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Day 31 - Setting out from Bellingham.jpg

Apart from yesterdays setting out photo I didn't manage to take any others... Why? I hear you ask. Well the answer is simple... its called Thunder, Lightning and heavy rain. Its official, I am now a drowned rat. What's even more worrying is that I'm on top of some high hills whilst there is lightning going on around me, and I'm dressed in a steel back and breast plate carrying a metal-tipped half pike. Stupid springs to mind.

I received a text from Paula telling me to ring BFBS at 14:40. I rang them at 14:30 and went out live on

I arrived at The Cheviot Hotel by 15:40, amazing what bad weather can do for you.

I hung my soldiers coat in the bath to drip dry. After about half an hour you would have thought that I had murdered someone in the bath given the amount of red dye leeching out of the coat. Guess I shall be 'pretty in pink' before I get to Lands End.

When I got down to the bar the landlady informed me that I had been mistaken by the locals for a monk. A monk I say... me?! Maybe it was the pint of Mead I asked for.

The Cheviot Hotel

Bellingham, Hexham, NE48 2AU

Tel. 01434 220696

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