Monday, 22 June 2009

Day 36 - John, Leslie, Steven Thurston of Rosa Mundi.jpg

Yesterday was my rest day and the half way point of my great big adventure. I spent the day getting fresh supplies and mending kit. I also opened the collection pot for the fifth time, with the sum of £191.50 being donated, thank you.

John took me into Darlington in the morning where I posted home old maps and was able to purchase new socks and a new map case as both original items are now thread bare and split.

I received a fathers day card from Thomas, "Thank you son". In it was some linen tape, so I was able to mend my flag.

Leslie very kindly sewed a patch over the ripped soldier coat so that it might last the next 5 weeks, a very big thank you.

In the evening I was introduced to Ian and Carol, also of the re-enactment group 'Rosa Mundi' and we all went to the local pub for an evening meal.

So having spent a wonderful Saturday relaxing I now feel rejuvenated for the next 6 days slog.

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