Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Day 37 - Jan Walker - Setting out from Keld.jpg

Last night I stayed with Jan Walker who, other than a mutual friend in Ali Clayton, I don't have any association with. She volunteered to accommodate me nonetheless. I was also introduced to the craze of Geocaching, where Tupperware pots are placed around the countryside for people to find. Fantastic idea especially for getting young children out and exercising. See www.geocaching.com for more explanation.

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  1. Great to meet you today Malcolm - what you're doing takes a lot of guts and determination. I'm sure you'll succeed, especially having come this far without a blister!

  2. Malcolm, I've been following your progress but only just found out how to leave you a message!!(thanks Paula!) You are often in our thoughts. Sorry work got in the way of joining you in Scotland, AND now you are making such speed that by the time we get back from Oz you will be finished! We'll blog you a cheer from each computer we pass. Take care, Justin & Grace

  3. I only vaguely know Jan, she's obviously just a great person. Geocaching is about as mad as re-enacting... and neither is half as mad as your long walk! Keep it up, you are making us proud.

    Ali xx