Monday, 6 July 2009

Day 50 - Boscobel House 1.jpg

Day 50 (05 July)

"Come on lads I've found the 'would be king' let's have at him!"

Joking aside, I've had my rest day and the 7th money pot came to £356.10 taking the total up to approx £9840 so please keep up the good work and donate and tell everyone you know to donate.

My hosts for this weekend are David and Julia Timmins and they have treated me like one of the family, I've had my tummy rubbed, my head scratched and I've been allowed to curl up on the sofa. After all the fussing they gave me I didn't want to tell them that I wasn't one of their cats.

David and Julia (Sealed Knot and others) were stars. They gave over their weekend to ensure that everything I needed to get done was achieved, for that I thank them. Cheers and please do keep in touch, ECWS could always do with some more quality people.

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