Saturday, 11 July 2009

Day 54 - Lucy Jefferies, Kat Atkins (SK SMG James Carr's Rgt of Foote).jpg

On my travels today I passed a gypsy camp of 6 good old fashioned gypsy wagons. They must have had a dozen horses or so. I spent a little time talking with some of them and they were truly nice people, just happy traveling along minding their own business and very friendly.

I arrived in Gloucester at 1400 and was met by Lucy and Kat of James Carr's Rgt of Foot: (Sealed Knot). As you can see, both were dressed in period clothing. We got some strange looks as we walked through the city to the docks but Hey its been a long time since I worried about that.

At the docks we posed for the photo then went for a coffee where we sat outside and talked awhile.

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