Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Day 51 - Bewdley - Stourport (Severn Way).jpg

Not all pathways provide clear and easy walking as you can see. After leaving Bewdley we headed down the Seven Way only to be confronted with an overgrown path and a fallen down tree. Still we fought on and despite the heavy shower finally made Stourport by 1600.

What was also problematic was the fact that whilst walking through some of the woodland trails some of the markers had been removed. When you add rain its easy to take the wrong path. Which we did on one occasion but to no major loss in the planned route as it came out on the same road just a little further away.

Washy and I parted ways at Stourport, as Angel (Winchesters ECWS www.marquisofwinchesters.co.uk) had arrived to give him a lift. So I then forged on the last 6 miles to Holt Heath. The weather was now clearing but the path was still much overgrown.

My boots have been totally water logged today so it will be interesting to see if that causes me any blisters.

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  1. Keep it up Ronaldo, you're turning into an intrepid explorer. You'll be wanting a pith helment next.

    Much love
    Andrea xxx

  2. I've been promoting you the last few days on Facebook and other places - I hope it generates some more donations :)

    Keep up the good work, the end is in sight for your well-earned rest!

  3. Keep it up Malcolm! Nicer weather for rest of this week, some poor stuff during the weekend and then warmer and drier next week (if you can believe the forecasters). I hope you avoid blisters. Mine still hurt! Worth it though!