Thursday, 9 July 2009

Day 53 - Tewkesbury Abbey.jpg

Day 53 (08 July)

I'm really quite glad I've moved my route to the A38 because -you guessed it - it's raining! If I was on the river front I may well have been in trouble.

Anyway, Jane dropped me off in Kempsey and I had a fairly uneventful walk into Tewkesbury. Unless of course you count the utter downpour. There is a trend here isn't there: me, walking, rain. Top Tip: don't walk with me. ;-) Mind you I did get to hide from the rain for a short while when I passed a roadside cafe. They invited me into the van during a burst of rain, thanks folks.

I arrived at Tewkesbury at 1415 and had a quick drink in Ye Olde Black Bear. I then walked down to the Abbey and had a look around. It is beautiful and just makes you feel humble. I took a few photos and hopefully Paula will put them on Flicker for you. Really you need to visit for yourself. I took the opportunity to light a candle for my mum and Paula's... emotional.

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