Sunday, 28 June 2009

Day 43 - Stoodley Monument.jpg

Day 43 (28 June).
Yesterday was my rest day in Hebden Bridge and I was fortunate to be stopping with Steve & Eleni Foster.
It was great to stop again for a day and let my body recharge a little. Mind you I'm finding it harder as each week goes by.

Steve and Eleni boosted my spirits by being very supportive and when it was time to leave Steve and his brother Mick came along with me for the first stage of todays walk. It was a steep up hill climb for the majority of the walk to Stoodley Monument, but having someone to talk to was great. Thanks.
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  1. Hi Malcolm

    Hi Malcolm just been speaking to HQ to find out where you are (Glossop). Matt says that Glossop is the high point between the west and east of the country. It really is down hill from here :-)

    keep your spirits up. Looking forward to joining you soon.
    Emma, Matt & Zoe