Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Day 46 - Jim & Pippa of Greyhound Inn - Warslow.jpg

4 miles on from Longnor and you arrive at Warslow. The heat now has become so oppressive that I need to stop again. This time however I'm shaking and feeling dizzy and slightly sick. Jim - who runs the Inn - took one look at me and offered to take me to my pick-up point at Ipstone. Well, I'm sorry to say I accepted because it was just plain stupid to try and continue any further dressed as I was and in this heat.

OK, next dilemma I face is that I'm 8 miles behind schedule. John Litchfield who is looking after me tonight has offered to hold on to the kit (I don't need) to make my walk easier. This means I now have a choice: give in and lose 8 miles, or back-track and regain some honor... Stupid question really. Mind you it does mean my walk tomorrow will be 23 miles. I can but try.

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  1. Sorry to hear that you are suffering and pleased that you are accepting help. If you can, please keep going as what you are doing is worthwhile but not at the expense of your health. Have been following your progress since meeting you between Bellingham and Hadrian's Wall. Otherwise well done!

    Derek Storer