Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Day 46 - Buxton Park.jpg

Yesterday was not much fun on the roads. Having said that, during the afternoon it rained and I had two events of note.

1. I was stopped by the police again...she was lovely. She asked me all about the walk and then allowed me to proceed.

2. A cyclist was so engrossed in looking at me he rode his bike onto the wet grass and ended up in a snotty heap on the floor. Don't worry I went to his aid and I'm happy to announce no harm done... except his pride...maybe.

Whilst in Buxton I stayed with Tony and Anne Spence. What a wonderful couple. Tony met me on my way into the town and walked with me a while. They then worked miracles in order to get my clothes dry (wet again). Anne worked tirelessly to give us all a three course meal, which was delicious. We then stayed up chatting until gone midnight. Needless to say I was a little tired this morning. Anne then walked with me to the A515 leading out of Buxton.

Today is a 20 mile hike to a little place called Ipstones.

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