Monday, 20 July 2009

Day 65 - Jamaica Inn 2.jpg

Days like today just can't get any better than this photo. I'm at a pub, I've met up with friends and there's an anchor here... magic... now, where's my pint.

The A30 has proved rather easy going. Having a storm drain siding has allowed me to keep an eye on the traffic and walk continuously instead of pausing every so often to let a lorry or bus get passed. I was able to cover 11.7 miles in 3 hours 15 minutes. Not bad for the second half of the day.
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  1. Ronnie you have always been an inspiration to me throughout the years that I have known you and no more than right now. However don't for one moment think I am walking anywhere. lol
    Mac McVeigh

  2. Ronnie, That green MPV that beeped you on the A30 east of Bodmin was me!! we were returning from holiday in cornwall and saw you - you're one hell of a dood for the walk - don't envy you the rain though - good luck sir and love to the family.

  3. Keep it up Malcolm. I've got a nice drop of malt for Friday.


  4. sorry forgot to say , 'Me' meant Latimer from the old days of the LR..