Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Day 66 - Jamaica Inn.jpg

Day 66 (21 July) (4 days to go)
Last night I discovered that the trunk of my body is blistering where the wet clothes rub against the back and breast. As you can see from the photo its another wet day so today I'm walking without it in the hopes that my body might recover a bit.

I'm walking to Bodmin for lunch then through to Indian Queens where hopefully I will meet up with some family.
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  1. Ouchie! Hope that clears up soon and you don't have an uncomfortable end to your walk! You're doing brilliantly and we're all following the blog every day to keep tabs on you and cheer you on. Hoping to get to Kelmarsh to give you a big hug in person so keep walking!
    Lots of love Linda, Dave and Kai (the love from Dave is, of course, the manly kind!)

  2. Malcolm

    We are so proud of you- keep your chin up-
    been following your blog every day

    David and Julia Timmins

  3. oooh, not good hon - hope the weather is better by the weekend for you. We talk about you all the time and hope people are logging on to check. TTFN Jane

  4. Hello Malcolm

    Allan and I have kept an eye on your journey since you left us in Tain last May!! Very well done - we are cheering you along all the way.

    Tricia and Allan Andrew,
    Morangie B&B, Tain