Thursday, 23 July 2009

Day 68 - St Michaels Mount.jpg

A well known tourist sight... St Michael's Mount. After the radio interview I continued on to Penzance passing by a spot where I was able to get this photo.

I was also met by a member of the press release office of RNAS Culdrose. He took some notes and some photos... especially when I was handed a donation. He was also amazed at how many people were beeping their horns.

I arrived in Penzance at 1645 which allows me a decent amount of time to rest and prepare for my final walk tomorrow to Lands End (10 miles).
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  1. Only one more day.....

    its been great watching your progress every day

  2. wow the end really is in sight. Hope you have a sunny day for you final week and have a pasty for us when you get there and we'll see soon.

    Much love
    Andrea & Clarendon
    (The kisses are from me not Clarendon)