Thursday, 23 July 2009

Day 68 - Redruth Tin Mines.jpg

Day 68 (23 July) (2 days to go)
Today's photo is of a well know type of Cornish landmark, the chimneys of the tin mines.

Having made Redruth last night I'm really starting to buzz at the prospect of finishing in time for Kelmarsh. Colin dropped me off again at 0830 by the main roundabout North of Redruth on the A30. There I was again plodding along, alone on a busy dual carriage-way. It was only a matter of time before the police came and said hello.

Apparently someone had rung the police and informed them that there was a 17C soldier walking along the A30. So out of curiosity a police car dropped by to see what it was all about. He informed me that I was quite alright, as I was walking on the correct into the flow of traffic, and he should a genuine interest in what I am attempting to do. Apparently its not only the police who have been talking about me...(see the next blog)
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