Friday, 24 July 2009

Day 69 - Penzance Harbour 1.jpg

Day 69 (24 July)(1 day to go - ie LAST DAY)
I arrived at Penzance Harbor just before 0800. Today is the last leg of my great big adventure. I'm a little sad about that but I'm also glad because it has been tough going. I hope Paula can cope with my swings in emotions over the next few days as I come down of a high.

I spoke with BFBS again this morning, probably giving my best interview so far.

So its one final push now... As I write this I'm only 6 miles from finishing.
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  1. Sorry I couldnt make it today mate but all our love and well done.

    Mac, Heather, Rebecca & Thomas

  2. Well done sir, that is just brilliant!!
    Many best wishes from us all,
    Cad and the Cads

  3. Hooray! :) Well done - what a fantastic achievement, both for you and for Help for Heroes. Looking forward to a lovely big hug tomorrow .... from Paula, but I might let you have one too if you don't stink too bad ;)

  4. fantastic. Very well done, despite the best the English weather could throw at you.