Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Day 67 - Newlyn Downs Wind Farm.jpg

Ok it is not the best of pictures but I can certainly see why there ate wind farms here. My flag ripped from its tethers today and needed a lunch time mend. The weather also held for the entire day...cloudy and windy but no rain, hurrah.

I made it to Redruth for 1645 and this evening have been catching up on blogs and my personal diary. Its also nice to let my feet have a semi-decent rest. I'm glad I pushed the first few days this week to 20+ because tomorrow is just 17.5 and Friday 9.1 miles. No... I'm not walking to Kelmarsh.
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  1. I was looking forward to seeing your triumphant entry at Kelmarsh but I will miss that now.
    I'm sending you all my best wishes and virtual ointment for those blisters :)
    Not far now, and fabulous work on going over the target amount!
    I'm advertising you wherever I go so hopefully the amount will still grow.
    You are an inspiration to us all...

  2. Right Worshipful Husband

    I greet you well and send you God's blessing and mine.
    It is with deep regret and great sadness that I will not be able to greet you at the end of your great journey or meet with you at Kelmarsh. Sir Matthew and I are required to escort the Lady Anne to our county of Suffok and my fathers house.

    May you keep well and enjoy the merry making at Kelmarsh. Please do pass my greetings onto the good Mistress Jean

    Your goode wife
    Margaret Ufford, Countess of Suffolk

  3. Heroic effort Malcolm!! Huge congratulations! Grace and I have just got back from Oz. I've placed a gift id donation fromus and Mum and Dad and my sister Fiona. I clicked the 'donate now' box on your blog, hope it's the right one?? there didn't seem to be a space for leaving a comment? justin